Road to Day After Tomorrow...

Feb. 28, 2015 無題's thumbnail No title

I'm still alive.

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May. 31, 2014 無題's thumbnail

Hairstyle of girls would change her walk style.

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May. 21, 2014 Bite the Dust's thumbnail Bite the Dust

Doodling in Twitter.

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Apr. 27, 2014 Last in Blue's thumbnail

Deep inside
Hold me like the sea, become a storm
Draw your pounding heart closer to mine as we rock
Yes, it's true
Our sighs overflow I'll become the droplets of water
Clinging to the bare stone of your back

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Apr. 25, 2014 Breaking Free's thumbnail Breaking Free

More than hope, More than faith
This is truth, This is fate
And Together, We see it comin'

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