Road to Day After Tomorrow...

Jun. 26, 2011 見えないからこそ、見えるもの's thumbnail What can be seen by who can't see

Only this, but it's enough.

I wanted to draw this composition few years ago.
I finally did it.

Those who been happiness, what change comes?
I think... Nothing is changed.
If something was changed, that's him/her mind sight.

Human's value is releative, maybe.
If there is goal, we can measure absolutely. But it can't.
When we find something from outside, the center of skyline will change relative.

We can't find absolute center even if we have telepathy.
We can's find. But so, we want to find.
Now, I think that's enough.

Add note: add "人狼王"(Jinro-oh) link and download

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