Road to Day After Tomorrow...

Jan. 29, 2009 TOYOTA RAV4's thumbnail TOYOTA RAV4

This is Toyota RAV4.

Sometimes Japanese said this kind of cars RV.
I don't know why Japanese said them RV...

When I draw Opti before half a year, my elder brother ask me draw RAV4, too.
And now I finished drawing it.

However, it's not perfectly enough for me.
So, I think to try it again, soon.

By the way, did you know why I couldn't write this?
I had three reasons.
First, I had to fix Mr.Bloger; I'm writing this daily with this software made by myself.
Developing software is similar to built planes in the air.
Developers have to manage both files, like me.

And Second, I couldn't decide what I draw.
I'm not good at find my mind myself.
So, I'll ask you please tell me what I should draw.

Finally, I started to write daily with English.
I'm not good enough at English to write English daily.
These problems keep me away from rapidly work.

Oh, I forgot to say it.
"Please tell me if you find my grammatical Errors."

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